How To Draw Curly Hair in Anime Style

In this article you will learn how to draw curly hair anime. Get latest tips and tricks that will undoubtedly be helpful when drawing anime hair.

Drawing Curls Techniques

Drawing curly hair can be a daunting task for any artist. Because curls can be complicated, our first step is to visualize what kind of curls you want your character to have. If possible, find an anime character with a similar hairstyle.

Next, assuming you already have the head and hairline, draw your first curl. Draw a swoopy curved line starting from the top of the head and work your way down. Then, go back and add lines curving in the opposite direction. This may take time, but draw each curve individually. Keep on adding curly lines to make the hair look full.

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How To Draw Curly Hair Anime – Tutorial

Another way to draw curls is to begin by drawing a small circle with a spiral coming out from the circle. Depending on how you want the curls to look, you can make the spiral as tight or as loose as you like. To finish off the curl, add curved lines around the outside.

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You can also draw a series of swirls or S-shaped lines around the head. To start, draw a few random swirls on your paper. Then, start to connect them together to form the shape of your curl. Once you have the basic shape down, you can start to add details, such as the direction of the curl, the thickness of the hair, and the highlights and shadows.

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We hope this article was helpful. Curly hair is a bit more challenging to draw than straight hair, but it is definitely doable! Remember-start with the basics and then build up the details. Good luck!