How to Draw Perfect Anime Noses

Anime series have become popular all over the world, and one of the most iconic features of these characters are their noses. Learn how to draw anime noses in our tutorial from the classic pointed nose to more unusual shapes, anime noses come in different sizes and shapes. We will split the noses into two main types: basic noses drawn with just lines and noses defined with a shadow.

How to Draw Anime Noses – Basic Tutorial

Most often used in coloring pages, anime noses are drawn as one simple line or two lines to indicate nostrils or the tip of the nose. You can draw in just the nostrils, which look like two slanted lines in the middle of the face. You can choose a “dot” style nose, which is just a very short vertical line in the center of the face. This is often done for cute, younger anime characters.

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Noses Defined With A Shadow

If you want to make the nose a little more complex, you need to add shadows. Shadowing is a drawing technique used to create a sense of realism in anime-style drawings. The technique involves adding shadows to the characters, objects and backgrounds to make them look more three-dimensional. Shadowing can be used to draw anime noses and will help bring your drawings to life, along with a sense of depth and realism.

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First, mark the outlines of the shadow itself. Then, using a dense but light pencil, shade over this area. You can shade only the area that’s thrown into shadow at the underside of the nose. This is often done for younger anime characters. You can shadow from the bridge of the nose. This makes the face look a bit sharper and is done for mostly older, grown up anime characters. You can also shade from the bridge of the nose and the nostrils. This makes for a more complete nose compared to the other shadowing options and is often done for more sophisticated anime characters.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about all the different ways to draw anime noses. With practice and dedication, you’ll soon be able to master the art of drawing noses!