How to Draw the Perfect Anime Mouth

Drawing anime mouths can be quite challenging, especially since you need to strike a balance between conveying the proper emotion and upholding the style. But don’t worry. We’ll describe in detail how to draw anime mouth based on three of the most typical expressions found in anime techniques.

How to Draw Anime Mouth with Normal Expression

If you want the anime character to have a normal expression, draw a mouth with a light curve. Make sure to make it small in relation to the head. Don’t make the curve too big or it will look like the character is smiling. Don’t make it too straight or it will look like the character is angry.

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Smiling Mouth Expression

If you want the character to be smiling, draw a bigger curve with a gap in the middle. The gap is optional, but makes the smile more detailed and realistic looking. Make sure the curve is bigger than the curve you would draw for a normal expression, but not so big that it looks cartoon-like.

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Drawing Open Mouth Expression

If you want the anime character to have an open mouth, you have a few options. The first one is fairly simple. All you have to do is draw a small, in comparison to the head, oval toward the bottom of the head. If you want to make the mouth a little more realistic, add some shading to it. If your anime character is curious about something, draw a rectangle with rounded corners that is narrower toward the top and shade the inside of the mouth. The top row of teeth should be slightly visible, so make sure to include that as well.

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Serious/Angry Mouth Drawing

If you want the character to be serious or angry, draw the reverse of the normal expression-an upside down normal curve. If you want your character to scream or yell, go to the open mouth expression section.

Hopefully, you learned some useful information on how to draw anime mouths. Soon, you’ll be a master in anime drawing!