Anime Hands Drawing Techniques

Drawing anime hands can be a difficult task for beginners. But with practice and guidance, it can become an easy and enjoyable activity. Learn how to draw anime hands from the basics to the details that make them look realistic. We’ll provide you with all the information you need.

How to Draw Anime Hands – Open Palm

First, draw the outline of a palm. You can start by drawing a stretched circle. Essentially, this means not to make it too round but don’t also turn it into an oval. Take some time to practice outlining the perfect palm. Once you feel like you have got it down, draw an outline of the thumb on it. This should be a smaller circle as the palm should be way bigger than the thumb.

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The next step is to outline the position of the fingers and the joints. This can be a little trickier as the fingers are a little more complex than the palm. For starters, remember that each finger has three parts. Make an outline of the fingers in similar lengths to that of regular fingers. The middle finger should be the longest and the index and ring finger should be a little shorter. The pinky should be the shortest and thinnest. Draw the tip of the thumb to be at or close to a 45 degree angle to the hand. For each finger, make the distance from the knuckle to the first joint the longest, and the distance from the last joint to the tip of the finger the shortest.

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Once you are done drawing the fingers, draw some wrinkles along the fingers, thumb, and palm as well. Then, all you have to do is clean and add whatever finishing touches you like!

Side View Hands Drawing Techniques

Drawing anime characters’ hands from a side view is a little more difficult than drawing them with open palms. First, you need to draw the shape of the hand without any attachments. Then, you need to draw the shape of the thumb on it.

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Now it’s time for the fingers again! Draw the tip of the index finger first, and then the visible parts of the middle finger, ring finger, and pinky. It’s easiest if you do so in this order. Now, all you have to do is finalize everything and you’re done!

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two about drawing anime hands. These basic tips and tricks can help anyone learn how to draw hands in no time. Good luck creating beautiful anime hands!